Sunrise Medical Jay® 2™ Deep Contour Cushion


The J2® Deep Contour Cushion is an ultra lightweight, pre-contoured foam base with a 3D Jay Flow™ Fluid Tri-Pad. It is designed for the person at extremely high risk of skin breakdown, who also seeks unparalleled comfort and stability. Designed for the client who has moderate to more aggressive postural needs. Provides excellent lateral stability as well as forward/rearward stability. Provides a stable base of support. Most suitable for the client who is at the highest level of risk for skin breakdown or who has very poor skin integrity.


  • The Jay® J2 Deep Contour with a seat well of 3" provides superior pressure and shear reduction for extremely high-risk patients.
  • Enhanced contours are designed to meet moderate positioning needs.
  • Anatomically designed base promotes pelvic stability and lower extremity positioning
  • Longer seat well narrows toward the rear to accommodate various pelvic positions while providing stability.
  • Tripad design incorporates a left and right side fluid section for lateral stability, plus a section specifically designed to protect the coccyx.
  • Three inches of Jay Flow™ fluid promotes immersion without resistance, providing maximum pressure and shear reduction for the user at high risk.
  • Two inches of soft foam supporting the lateral hips allow the ischials and coccyx to immerse into the fluid pad.
  • A layer of soft foam under the fluid pad provides additional skin protection.



  • Product Weight: Approx. 6.27 lbs.
  • Product Width: 14" - 24" modified models can extend ouside this range
  • Product Length/Depth: 14" - 20" modified models can extend ouside this range
  • Product Height: Approx. 4.5"
  • Product Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Cushion cover material choices: Ballistic stretch, air exchange, incontinence