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Industry Quality

Tri City offers manual wheelchairs- self-propelled and companion propelled. We offer many brands of wheelchairs that are durable, high quality but made light and easily foldable. So, whether you are pushing forward in life or lifting into a car, it means more freedom.

Our Products

Motion Composites Move Wheelchair

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PDG Stellar GL

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Helio Motion composites

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Drive Medical Steel Transport Chair

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Drive Cruiser X4 Wheelchair

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The Right Fit

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Meet Hal

Hal’s an experienced professional who has been dedicated to Tri City Medical since 2002. His expertise will provide you with confidence and put your mind at ease. He enjoys meeting new people and strives to make clients feel positive about their experience.

Service and Warranty

We provide competitive warranties on parts and labor to protect your investment. We register all equipment with the manufacturer permitting you no hassle warranty service. We provide service equipment in our shops, but we also travel anywhere service may be needed. When you require a repair, please contact us to book an appointment.

Insurance Assitance

We provide assistance with insurance or government coverage. We take the time to explain your insurance coverage details, minimize your personal expense, and organize a complete submission, while providing updates throughout the process. Direct billing is also available.