Permobil Serene Edge Low Air Loss Mattress

Serene Air with foam edge is a dual mode system with Alternating Pressure Therapy (APT) or Pulsation options with the added safety feature of a 3” wide transfer edge. This helps enable safe and easy transfers on and off the surface, and also reduces falls and entrapment. APT modes assist in wound healing and prevention and there are four operating cycles (5/10/15/20 min.) based on therapy requirements. The Pulsation mode increases and decreases the surface’s air volume every 15 seconds. Serene Air with foam edge also has a Constant Low Pressure (static) option, as well as a max inflate and seat inflation for the Fowler position. A 2” foam layer is also built into the base of the surface to prevent clients from bottoming out. New bolsters (shown at right) with full enclosure R5 cover and 6” wide firm transfer edges on each side

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